Focus on the history of Inforum
An adventure born at the heart of a dry-cleaner's...
10 November, 2016 by
Focus on the history of Inforum
INFORUM, Fabien Duval

Why the dry-cleaning business?

In 1992, Pascal Berardozzi ran 3 dry-cleaning businesses and a semi-industrial laundry.

Thanks to his knowledge of the profession, he was able to take advantage of the ins and outs of the dry-cleaning manager job.

Which helps today the Inforum company to propose solutions as close as possible to their customers’ needs.

Pascal also knew how to relay his passion and his expertise to his whole team, which has been developing over the years.

Today facts about Inforum:

  • Several thousands of users in over 15 countries

  • A solid network of partnerships and nice collaborations

  • A dynamic and passionate team

  • A new adventure with the launch of the new software GestiClean Up'

Presentation of the team and company history:Click here!

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Focus on the history of Inforum
INFORUM, Fabien Duval 10 November, 2016