Inforum & 2016 Finance Act
Clarification on our situation at the end of July 2018
19 July, 2018 by
Inforum & 2016 Finance Act
INFORUM, Elsa Kopp

Customers, partners, suppliers or future customers…
please take some time to read the following lines that aim to answer your questions about our products and the 2016 Finance Act.

1. Reminder of our initial decision 

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For GestiClean Up'

We chose the certification by an accredited body, the AFNOR, and obtained the NF525 certification.

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For GestiClean 

We chose to use our precious experience to be able to deliver individual certificates of compliance upgrade.

And also...
The commercialisation of our other cash register products (Selior, Booster) had to be abandoned to favour the compliance and quality of our dry cleaning software.

2. Concretely, what happened in Inforum?

800 work hours

A real team work: development, quality process, administration…

Investment of €35K

Investment of €25,000 plus the cost of the certification itself of around €10,000 paid to Infocert and the Afnor.

1 big challenge

that our team achieved
within the period of time demanded by the State.

3. What is the situation today?

We want to be transparent with you, here is our situation today:

Our NF525 certificate for GestiClean Up’ was valid from July 10 2017 until July 10 2018.

Indeed, the NF certificates are valid for one year, after which the editor needs to have its certificate renewed.

This new step requires once again a development work and especially a new investment (including 7,000€ for NF brand renewal) to keep its certificate and the right of use of the NF brand.

Then, at Inforum...

The NF525 certification is an essential element for Inforum in our activity. That is why we looked for concrete solutions to renew the GestiClean Up’ certification and to allow GestiClean to benefit from the same level of quality and exigence.

We are well aware that this certification offers more guarantees and comfort for our customers in the event of an audit by the French financial administrator.

In addition, in the middle of 2017, we were contacted by Metalprogetti, the Italian company leading the market of conveyors and automated distribution systems manufacturers. They were looking for a solution in compliance with the new law for their French customers using their Battista Uni software.

Considering all these factors, we decided to face a a new challenge : create our own certified tool for cash register software, which will allow to make all our software and others’ software in compliance with the State regulations.

Cash Up' logo

Mission accomplished, after 6 months of intense work: the Cash Up’ fr software obtained the NF525 certification on July 10 2018. Cash up’ fr is a tool allowing to generate tickets and cash register data in compliance with the French legislation. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) and requires an internet connection.

4. GestiClean and GestiClean Up': what we plan for our customers!


We deliver individual certificates to all our customers using GestiClean or GestiClean Up’, while we are preparing the link with Cash Up’ fr.

During 2019:

GestiClean and GestiClean Up’ will be interfaced with Cash Up’ fr, which is NF525 certified..

No negative consequence for our customers! In any case, you keep a system in compliance with the 2016 Finance Act and won’t be subject to a fine in the event of an audit.

What cost? For the GestiClean Up’ users and the GestiClean V10 users with a maintenance contract, the upgrade is planned and will not bring an extra cost.

- GestiClean Up’ user: the maintenance is included in your offer, so the upgrade is transparent. Your software will be directly upgraded and your plan price will remain the same.

- GestiClean V10 user with a maintenance contract:

> You have an internet connection?
An automatic upgrade will be done to interface the Cash Up’ fr software with GestiClean Up’ V10. The upgrade will be free.

> You don’t have an internet connection?
As explained above, Cash Up’ fr requires an internet connection. In your case, your software will still benefit from our certification work, and we will deliver an individual certificate to you.

You may keep your current system, or choose to install internet in your store to benefit from Cash Up’ fr and the NF certification label if you want to.

- GestiClean V10 user without maintenance contract:

Cash Up’ fr is provided within the scope of our maintenance contracts.

If you wish to implement it (internet connection required), please contact our sales department for the maintenance contract terms and conditions.

You also can choose to keep your current system, with your individual certificate.

As a conclusion...

We will get back to you in several months with more information about the integration of Cash Up’ fr with your current tools.

Meanwhile, you can find your individual certificate in your software (available soon in GestiClean Up’), so you can present it in the event of an audit.

Please feel free to contact us for any question, doubt or support at +33 4 50 37 15 29 or at

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Inforum & 2016 Finance Act
INFORUM, Elsa Kopp 19 July, 2018