Inforum, training organization listed by Datadock

2019 results
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Inforum, training organization listed by Datadock
INFORUM, Elsa Kopp

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As a training organization listed by Datadock, Inforum offers training courses that may be taken care of fully or partially by your collecting agency, depending on your budget available. You may contact your collecting agency for more information.

Use your training budget for training courses about GestiClean, GestiClean Back Office and Brooclean at lower cost!

Inforum results – 2019 training courses*

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*According to the requirements of our quality repository

Profile of people trained

as well existing customers as new users


of people trained recommend our training courses and feel they have improved


cost of a 7-hour training day with Inforum

  • Training customized according to your needs and feedback: you may notify your specific requests on the training service offer. The standard training plan will be adapted following your specific requests.

  • We provide you at the end of the training course with all the necessary documents requested by your collecting agency for the payment: self-assessment questionnaires, attendance sheets, notification and training agreement, training end certificate…

  • Training courses may be performed in your company, remotely (appointments for several sessions, via TeamViewer) or at Inforum’s offices.

    For more information, please read our training plans:

Should you be interested in using your 2020 training budget with one of our training courses, please feel free to contact our sales department

+33(0)4 50 37 15 29

Inforum, training organization listed by Datadock
INFORUM, Elsa Kopp February 21, 2020